3-4 years: tricycle and toboggan help him move his body

3-4 years: tricycle and toboggan help him move his body

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Climb, jump, pedal, slide ... your stunt apprentice develops his motor skills. Offer him games that help him in his approach.

Here are toys so big that it is not possible to explore them with his only hands but with his whole body. Another dimension! On the program: move his body, and that, he loves.

Tricycle, toboggan: what he learns with his body

  • Pedaling, climbing a ladder, giving momentum on a swing: so many exercises that involve the motor coordination of the whole body. We must succeed in making everything work together: the arms, the legs, the look!
  • We must also know to position your body in space, control his postures. So when you see him testing the toboggan in all directions, forwards, backwards, on the back, on the belly, do not be surprised: he gives himself every chance to better know his body and physical possibilities.
  • By the way, he experiences feelings of well-being and malaise. Is it better to have your head up or down? These games are also, of course, essential to improve one's balance.

What he learns with his head

  • Surprise! When you push a tricycle, it moves forward. And when you put a ball on top of a slide, it slides down. However, when you want to put her on the swing, she falls. Your toddler will not be content to let off steam with these outdoor games. It will certainly benefit carry out experiments and further push his knowledge of the laws of physics.

Isabelle Gravillon with Anne Bacus, psychologist.

Psychic side, what bring him these games

Because you are there to protect him from the dangers and to avoid him the unpleasant mishaps (falls and boosters), your little stuntman knows himself in a secure context. Nothing like feeling pushing wings and wanting to conquer the world ! Not to mention that, thanks to your advice, he gradually learns to manage the risks himself, to internalize them.

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