Simple relaxation methods in late pregnancy

Fatigue, apprehension ... in late pregnancy (but sometimes before), it is common to feel tense and it may be useful to look for simple and effective relaxation methods. Our advice to relax.

A 100% relaxing position for you and your future baby

  • Throughout pregnancy, your baby's life is punctuated by your movements, so you both need to take breaks away from everyday worries, noise, and anxiety.
  • The ideal position to access this absolute relaxation is to lie on your back or side especially during the last weeks, the whole body relaxed. Your future baby will also benefit from your well-being. Under the effect of relaxation, your uterus relaxes. Rolled up on itself at first, your baby will spread soon on both sides of your belly.

Breathe to blow

  • Yoga is ideal for future moms because the exercises are done smoothly. If you have the time and the opportunity, give yourself a few sessions. This will help you breathe well at a time when your breathing capacity is lower, allowing better oxygenation of your body and that of your baby.
  • A good control of your breathing helps to relax and better control your anxieties. You inhale the air through the bottom of the nose and exhale preferably closed mouth while relaxing your abdomen. This ample, calm and slow breathing acts in depth. It decreases the whole body. You also lower your ribcage, which is very important. In addition, this discipline restores a correct position of the body by very gentle movements, eliminating tensions.
  • A simple exercise to relax: sitting, legs cross-legged, place your hands on your shoulders, make circles with your elbows in one direction then the other. Lying on your back, the lower limbs elevated by a small cushion, alternate circular movements and flexion-extensions with the feet.
  • Prenatal Yoga: see our videos

Sing for a better harmony

  • Prenatal singing starts from the idea (already known to the Chinese in 2600 BC) that there is a correspondence between the notes and the zones of the body. The high notes awaken, recharge and are beneficial for shaping. The notes of serious frequency, they, lower the potential of the pain. Singing also involves muscle relaxation and breathing control, so it's a complete exercise.
  • Pre-natal singing lessons are organized in the maternity wards, but you can also sing at home!
  • A simple exercise to relax: bass, treble ... sing! The important thing is not to make beautiful sounds, but rather to get them deep in your lungs and make sure they are energetic.

Let your body and mind float

  • Swimming is, without question, the sport activity best suited to future mothers and it is practiced without problems until the end of pregnancy. It does not require any complicated exercise: just let yourself float, supported or not by a mattress or a foam float. The weight of the body is forgotten. The kinesthetic effect of water (on the activity of muscles) helps to restore serenity.
  • A simple exercise to relax: make the board, soles against the sole of the foot, your knees slightly bent outwards (a little like a frog). Put one of your hands on the top of your belly, the other at the height of your pubis. Release the neck. Close your eyes. Let yourself be carried by the water while breathing gently. With your eyes closed, take the opportunity to imagine you rocking your future baby while humming a song ... another form of relaxation that will soon be a reality.

L. Dibarrat

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