Recipes for July 14

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For the national holiday on July 14, put your eyes to your greedy with these ideas recipes that will act as a fireworks of colors and flavors. Recipes to devour eyes too!

Karine Ancelet

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Recipes for July 14 (13 pics)

Shortbread cookies

Beautiful little spirited shortbreads patriots! Easy to make using food colors in the colors of France. See the recipe on Pinterest

Chewable meringues

Embellished with small colored candies, these meringues will melt your gourmands! See the recipe on chefNini's blog Pinterest

Patriotic macaroons

They look great these macaroons! They are made with a white chocolate ganache mixed with a natural poppy flavor. See the recipe on Odélices Pinterest

Multicolored rolled cake

An explosion of colors this cake rolled! See the recipe Pinterest

Tri-colored cupcakes

Blue-white-red cupcakes that will be perfect to invite you to the fire ball! See the recipe on Kitchen Addict Pinterest

Sparkling shortbread

These little sandwich cookies sparkle like fireworks in the mouth ... Yes, yes! See the recipe on the blog Chloé Délice Pinterest

Surprise cake

What a cascade of colors! A cake that hides a rainbow in his heart. See the recipe on Springle Bakes Pinterest

Fruit Cupcakes

Blueberries, strawberries, raspberries ... and here are mini-cupcakes blue-white-red to celebrate with dignity July 14! See the recipe on the blog Turbo Gourmandises Pinterest

Firework stick

A recipe quite difficult to achieve ... but who throws! See the recipe on the blog Mamzelle Eva Pinterest

Multicolored cake

It's a classic rainbow cake ... and it's a good idea for July 14th! See the recipe Pinterest

Spiral cakes

Sugar, flour, butter, eggs ... with a touch of food coloring, here is a firework for the eyes! See the recipe on Cakes & Delights Pinterest

Skewers blue-white-red

The idea is very simple and we liked it! Skewers of fruit (raspberries and blueberries) and gourmet Chamallows. Pinterest

Meringues clouds

What beautiful colors with this unmistakable recipe proposed by Anne-Sophie of the Best M6 Pastry Chef. See the recipe