Diet: 10 slimming tips

A few extra pounds do you despair? To lose weight, you must reduce portions and / or choose low-calorie foods while maintaining a balanced diet. Here are 10 golden rules to lose weight permanently.

1. Make five meals a day

  • Three main meals and possibly one or two snacks consisting of a fruit, a square of chocolate, a sweet tea or a yoghurt. Sugars and dairy products secrete serotonin, a soothing hormone that calms cravings.
  • Eat at regular times and sit down to eat in peace.
  • Never skip meals.
  • Finally, eat slowly, the feeling of satiety is triggered after fifteen to twenty minutes, whatever the meal.

2. Cunning with the quantities

  • To get a sense of volume, cut the food into slices, serve a plate and leave the dish in the kitchen. You will be less tempted to refill yourself.

3. Bet on vegetables and fruits

  • Eat according to your appetite all fresh or frozen vegetables, raw (appetizers, salads) or cooked (braised, stuffed, mashed, soups), as well as all fresh, raw, cooked fruits (homemade juice and compote, without added sugar). Namely: two kiwis, two mandarins, a bowl of strawberries, raspberries, currants or currants are about an apple, an orange, a peach or nectarine.

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