Sleeping on the left side, it's dangerous?

"I heard that during pregnancy, it was not recommended to sleep on the left side, is it?" Anna Roy, midwife, answers Valentine's question.

The answer of Anna Roy, liberal and hospitable midwife in Paris

  • No sleeping position, on the stomach, back or side, is dangerous for the baby. This is well protected in the uterine cavity filled with amniotic fluid. And the future mother can trust him because he will not hesitate to signify if he is indisposed by his position, with beating in the belly!
  • So there is no contraindication to sleep on the pregnant left side and even to the right, although possibly on this side, the baby - embarrassed by the liver of his mother - could force her to change position! Anyway, a sleep position on the right side will not be "hindered", as may be the position on the stomach that a pregnant woman will hardly manage to keep beyond the 4th month of pregnancy. once the volume of his belly has increased.
  • Women sleeping on their backs or on their sides are less upset during the last months of their pregnancy than those sleeping on their stomachs. Because nothing is opposed morphologically to maintain their position throughout the pregnancy. This is fortunate because sleep disorders that are more common during pregnancy for hormonal reasons can also be increased by the impossibility of finding a good sleep position.

Interview by Frédérique Odasso

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