Sleeping on pregnant belly is dangerous?

"During pregnancy, is it dangerous to sleep on your stomach?" Anna Roy, a liberal and hospitable midwife in Paris, answers Clem's question.

The answer of Anna Roy, liberal and hospitable midwife in Paris

  • There is not a single good position to sleep! Some people can not sleep until they fall asleep on their side or on their backs, while others can only reach Morpheus's arms when they are lying on their stomachs.
  • There is no contraindication to sleep on pregnant belly. That the pregnant woman adept of this position of sleep, reassures herself. This presents no danger to the baby, who is well protected in the uterine cavity filled with amniotic fluid. She must trust him because he will not hesitate to signify if he is indisposed by his position, with beating in the belly!
  • The problem lies rather in the fact that this position will be difficult to maintain, and will become impossible beyond the 4th month of pregnancy, once the belly volume has increased. Often weakened during pregnancy for hormonal reasons but also psychological, sleep can see its troubles increase only by the impossibility of finding a good position. Women sleeping on their backs or on the side are less disabled, as there is nothing morphologically opposed to maintaining this position throughout pregnancy.
  • Sleep may be difficult for some time to find for women who can not sleep on their stomachs. It will sometimes take a little time for their body to find a new position, on the side or on the back, adapted to the physiology of the moment. They can increase their comfort using a nursing pillow (a cushion filled with microbeads to position the baby at the time of feeding or bottle), they can install between their legs, for example and which will allow them to relieve the discomfort of the new positions.

Interview by Frédérique Odasso

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