Your baby 0-1 year

Cat comforter

Tiger, yes, but in blue and white to please the little ones. This cat will be quickly adopted as a blanket by your baby. Introduced in the March 2009 issue of, it is knitted in stock jersey.

Dimensions: 22 cm without the tail, 20 cm without the legs


Phildar knitting yarn, quality "Phil Bamboo" (100% viscos): 1 pel. collar. Pearl and 1 pel. collar. Ecru

Aig. 3.5 mm.

Points used

Jersey end. : * 1 rg end., 1 rg approx. *

Jersey end. striped: * 4 rows Pearl, 4 rows Ecru *

Jersey end. jacquard: follow the grid, taking care to cross the threads with changes of collar.


A square 10 cm jersey end. striped, ea. No. 3.5 = 24 m. and 30 rows.


The body is tric. in one piece started from the bottom of the front. Go up 52 m. on an auxiliary wire that will be unraveled, aig. 3.5 mm. Tric. in jersey end. striped.

At 20 cm high. early. (last row of the 8th Pearl stripe), leave the 18 sts waiting. at each end and for the head, cont. only on the 16 m. central, in jersey end. jacquard. Tric. from the 1st to the 20th row of the grid then return it for tric. from the 20th to the 1st rg.

Then take the m. waiting and knitting. the back as the front. Leave on hold.

Legs (x 4): go up 16 m. Pearl, ea. 3.5 mm. Tric. in jersey end. striped. Rab. at the 1st row of the 5th Ecru stripe.

Tail: climb 20 m. Ecru, aig. 3.5 mm. Tric. in jersey end. Rab. at 20 cm high. early.


Fold the tail and legs together. Close one end and the length.

Untwist the mounting rg of the body. Gather the stitches on both ends with a mesh stitch. Lay the work flat, right side up. Slide the legs in the corners. Close the sides of the head and body leaving an opening on one side. Go back through the opening. Close the opening. Sew the tail in the middle of the lower body.

Embroider the head.

Juliette Liétar creation