Sweeteners: no proven risk for pregnant women

Are sweeteners dangerous for pregnant women? No, answers ANSES *, which evaluated the risks and benefits of all intense sweeteners, including aspartame. Another conclusion: they have no nutritional interest.

  • In 2010, a study had set fire to the powders. Sweeteners, often used as tablets to sweeten food, but also in light sweet products such as soda or dairy products, would they be dangerous for future mothers? Conducted on nearly 60,000 pregnant women, it revealed that the consumption of at least one soft drink containing a sweetener increased on average by 38% the risk of premature birth. A risk that would be only 27% if we drink one per day, 35% if we drink 2 or 3, 78% when it is more than 4.

An unrealized risk for pregnant women

  • To try to give an answer, ANSES self-grasped the question and made its conclusions: "The available data do not allow to conclude to a detrimental effect of intense sweeteners during pregnancy, whether on the health of the mother, the parameters obstetrics, or the health of the newborn, "explains ANSES. No risk, therefore.

No nutritional benefit

  • In 2015, the French Agency stresses also the lack of nutritional benefit of sweeteners in pregnant women and recalls the general recommendation that is to limit the consumption of sweet products.
  • Pregnant women are not the only ones involved. ANSES will continue its work to evaluate for the general population and for all age groups, the benefits and nutritional risks of intense sweeteners in order to issue, if necessary, recommendations.

* The National Agency for Food Safety, Environment and Labor.

Stéphanie Letellier

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