4 massage-caresses for baby

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Belly massage to relieve colic, back, feet or hands to relax ... Renew with massage-caress, an ancient and natural gesture that pleases babies. Provided, of course, that this soft touch respects his well-being.

4 massage-caresses for baby (4 pics)

The belly

For his digestive well-being, make light circular strokes on his belly in a clockwise direction.

The back

To soften his column, slowly slide your hands from his shoulders to his lower back. Repeat several times, then lightly pat down the spine. Repeat the first movement.

The feet

For a true feeling of relaxation, make come and go your thumbs on the back of the foot, then on the plant. With the palm, rub his sole, not forgetting the heel. Finally, gently roll each toe between thumb and index finger.


With thumb and forefinger, by light pressure, massage his hand from the wrist to the fingers. Finally, rub your whole hand between your palms. This will help your toddler open your fingers.