Your child 3-5 years

Emilie Jolie

As a child, you have surely hummed the tunes of this cult musical tale written by Philippe Chatel. You will be happy to find the voices of Julien Clerc, George Brassens, Henri Salvador ...

  • Emilie is a little girl with blue eyes, blond hair and pink cheekbones ... Tomorrow, it's back to her new school and Emilie is worried. Can she make friends? Can his dad accompany him for this big day? Her mother finds in a box of books a story book she herself read small. she offers Emilie to read this book to change her mind ... The pretty blonde girl will save a blue rabbit from the claws of the witch ...
  • If this particular blue flower movie does not bring much more than the CD, it gives you the opportunity to share your memories with your child.
  • From 3 years old.
  • By P. Chatel and F. Nielsen, Gebeka Films, 1:15.
  • Where to find it?