Pregnant at 20, 30, or 40 years ... what does it change?

If it is the thirties who provide the largest contingent of births, expect a baby when we just had his twenty candles or we are about to become quadra is not exceptional!

20 years old: the beautiful carefree!

Before age 22, women are often less aware of the constraints of motherhood.

  • Waiting for a baby at the dawn of its 20th birthday... a banal situation not so long ago! Today, radical change: these pregnancies intrigue. "At the medical level, a pregnancy at 20 is in principle no problem, but in my practice, I realize that very young mothers rarely have a very simple story," says Dr. Ghada Hatem, obstetrician-gynecologist. therefore, I often allow myself to ask them about their history, their relationship, their motivation and how this child will be welcomed. "
  • However, a real parental project can exist, able to support a happy maternity. This is the case of Noémie, 23 years old, five months pregnant with her second baby and proud to be! "I got engaged at the age of 17 with a man six years older than me, married at the age of 19, got my first baby when I was 21. All that against the family opinion ... It's been seven years since we were together, we are happy and our families are finally delighted.Only snag, the eyes of others in front of my baby and my belly, because I am very young.That shocks people to see a mother "teenager" and still pregnant! do not know my happiness ... "
  • The beautiful carefree Youth is also found during pregnancy. They often live this period with less stress. They prepare less than average and ask fewer questions about childbirth than older moms.
  • If there is a point on which these young moms all rejoice, it is to have a child of 20 years when they will have 40. Without forgetting that at 20 years one recovers quickly! "Women who had a baby at 25 and another ten years later are unanimous: the second time, they are more tired ...", says Dr. Ghada Hatem.

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