Pregnant: 5 tips to sleep better

Fat fatigue, yawning and difficulty sleeping in the first trimester, dreams and nightmares in the second, embarrassed by your belly to sleep in the 3rd trimester ... the sleep of future moms is not easy. Our advice to sleep better.

1. Do not fight against sleep

  • You feel your eyelids close, your head dodelin ... but you try to stay awake? Stop! Listen to your body. It lets you know that your biological clock will sound the hour of your first light slow sleep, that of the first cycle. Do not let it pass, it will be necessary to wait one hour and a half to two hours before this "train of sleep" as one says for the children, does not return.

2. Dine early

  • Digestion does not help to sleep, on the contrary! So, dine around 19 h 30. This will also have the advantage of avoiding you the problems of bloating, common during pregnancy.

3. Take a warm shower

  • The heat stimulates the heart rate ... it is not ideal before falling asleep. A good hot bath is not necessarily a habit to take before going to bed, contrary to what is sometimes heard. Better to take a warm shower. And since we are talking about temperature, do not go to bed too hot (19 ° C is ideal). Also remember to sleep with socks because the dilation of small blood vessels at the ends of the body results in a reduction of body temperature. And this promotes the implementation of sleep.

4. Think about rituals

  • We know that they are important for children, but the rituals are also excellent for us. Respect as much as possible a regular bedtime (and wake up) schedule. Settle into your bed and, before going out, enjoy a relaxing break of 10-15 minutes. Reading, relaxing music ... Ready for the arms of Morpheus?

5. Think about grandmothers' tricks

  • According to our grandmothers, sleeping in the North would make sleeping easier (the opposite would make you nervous). Other tips: slip a sachet of lavender under her pillow or a small piece of Marseille soap in her sock to prevent cramps, they also frequent during pregnancy. We do not know if these tricks work, but it does not cost anything to try!

Karine Ancelet

Sleep and pregnancy: the complete file