Pregnant: do not skip breakfast!

Capital for all, the first meal of the day that is breakfast is even more for future moms. You are two to draw on the 25% of daily food intake that it must represent. We take stock of your needs for both of you.

The main role of the breakfast is to repair the fast of the night and to ensure a solid energy base to the body to attack the day well. During pregnancy, your future baby needs balanced nutritional intake to develop harmoniously. It is important to spread your needs on 4 food - breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner - and a quarter must reach him in the morning. Here are the main nutrients that must compose this first meal:

  • Calcium: for the proper ossification of your baby's skeleton. Know that all the calcium that you "get" in your bones the first months of pregnancy will be offered to him during the last months. We are not stalled, therefore!
  • Where do I find it? Milk and dairy products contain the most. There are also cheeses (see cheeses allowed during the grossese), dried fruits such as almonds, milk-based preparations such as pancakes ... If you do not like dairy products, do not feel guilty! You will find calcium in other foods.
  • To know : be careful not to consume too much caffeine which limits the absorption of calcium. Overall, try anyway to limit during these nine months.
  • Proteins: they are essential for the growth of the cells of your future baby from the conception and then in the manufacture of the tissues and the formation of the placenta.
  • Where do I find them? Especially in meat, milk, eggs and in lesser amounts in nuts and seeds.
  • Iron : it is one of the main constituents of your red blood cells. Now, your blood volume increases up to 40% to ensure the proper oxygenation of your baby, the supply of nutrients, and constitute his first immune defenses. Iron is therefore essential.
  • Where do I find it? Apart from meat (red being the richest), you will find eggs, whole grains, bran and wheat germ, dried fruits. A tip: sprinkle your yoghurt with chopped walnuts, or sprinkle with compotes or cinnamon milk.
  • To know : consumption of vitamin C multiplies by three the absorption of iron. So make a place for fruits, especially kiwi and strawberry which are very rich. When the tea, attention, drunk after a meal, the tannins it contains eliminate up to 75% of iron absorbed.
  • Magnesium: this precious mineral preserves your strength, plays an anti-stress role and improves the psychic and emotional balance.
  • Where do I find it? Mainly in whole grains, fruits, sesame and sunflower seeds, chocolate and some mineral waters.

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