Pregnant: when will the baby turn around?

After taking comfort in your belly for months, your baby will naturally turn to approach the birth and adopt the most natural position to prepare for its release: head down ... but not always!

At what time of pregnancy does the baby turn around?

  • For a first pregnancy, it is usually towards the end of the 7th month that your future baby will turn (or not) to adopt his position for childbirth. For subsequent pregnancies, this can happen later. Whatever the situation, your obstetrician will make sure during the third ultrasound.

Why does he turn around?

  • As it progresses during pregnancy, your baby's proportions continue to increase. The quantity of amniotic fluid in which it bathes remains constant. As a result, your baby has less and less space, which will push him to seek the most comfortable position, usually by wedging his buttocks in the widest area of ​​your uterus, corresponding to the upper part of your abdomen.

In which cases does it not turn?

  • If the majority of babies turn upside down as delivery approaches, some will keep their heads up or otherwise present themselves. This can happen in case of premature birth, if the amount of amniotic fluid is insufficient to turn around, if your uterus is too tight or if your baby has adopted a position that prevents him from moving to turn around ...

How to determine the position of the baby before delivery?

There are 3 techniques for obstetric staff to determine their position:

  • The palpation of the belly: by feeling your stomach, the gynecologist or midwife can feel if your baby will be upside down and differentiate the side of the back. Do not hesitate to ask him to introduce you to this technique, so you can use it yourself.
  • The vaginal touch: it allows to know the exact position of the baby and whether it is by the head or by the seat.
  • Ultrasound: it is the most reliable way to know the position of the baby.

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