4 cool tips for kids who love cats

4 cool tips for kids who love cats

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Your child is dreaming of having a cat, but you are not sure if you want to adopt a pet. While waiting to take the plunge (or not), you can feed your child's passion by doing activities around his favorite animal.

Having fun with Rodolphe's hassle, the cat

  • Even if Rodolphe the cat has everything to be happy with his mistress, Pélagie the witch, even if she does not always see very clear in his mansion where everything is black including Rodolphe the cat! And as we must not upset a witch as nice as it is, the poor cat will see all the colors! An album to read to him from 3 years or to make him read from 7 years.
  • Pelagie the witch, Album of Valérie Thomas, Korky Paul and Colette Barbé (Milan Youth). Where to find it?

Cocooner while watching the DVD of Aristocats

  • One of your great pleasures of the weekend is watching a movie with your family. So why not, The Aristocats, one of the great animated classics of Disney studios? Hard to resist the antics of the adorable kittens, Marie, Toulouse and Berlioz, no more than the romance of Duchess, their delicate mother and Thomas O'Malley, the red-haired cat with a big heart. Not to mention the unforgettable performance of Scat Cat, the "JazzCat" and his acolytes. From 4 years and up to 99 years!
  • The Aristocats, Disney Studios Dvd.

Put the house in "purring" mode

  • After a busy day, and even before going to bed, it is sometimes necessary to calm the excitement. What if you tested for ronrontherapy? The cat with its purr has real therapeutic virtues: it soothes, distresses, heals insomnia and chases the black ideas! Several studies have shown that people who live with a cat enjoy better psychological health than those who live without. So before adopting a small ball of hair, you can benefit from these purring by listening to CD. From 0 to 99 years old!
  • The ronrontherapy, Veronique Aïache's book-CD (The Mail of the Book, Where to find it?)

Discover our coloring pages "Chat"

  • Your budding cartoonists are fans of cats? Here are some pretty coloring pages to print. Cats at the time of the toilet, the nap, the meal or the hugs ... our pretty tomcats have only one desire: to find pretty colors! See coloring pages.

Frédérique Odasso

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