Pregnant: your beauty plan

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The hormones of pregnancy, especially estrogen, are beneficial to beauty. Body, hair, smile, look ... our beauty tips to sublimate this "natural" beauty, but also prevent the pitfalls that can put some clouds in this radiant world.

Karine Ancelet

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Pregnant: your beauty plan (11 pics)

A luminous complexion ... but a parched skin

In early pregnancy, under the influence of hormones (and because of nausea early pregnancy), your complexion may be blurred, your face tired ... but it is short-lived.
By the 3rd month, most expectant mothers have a beautiful complexion until the end of pregnancy, where the fatigue will be back.
Pregnant, your skin will however tend to dry out, hence the importance of moisturizing and pampering with products "sensitive skin". If you use a toner after makeup removal, try to do without it for nine months because it is slightly alcoholic and it is not good for your fragile skin. Your favorite products? Moisturizing creams and masks-creams to replenish the epidermis.

What is this button?

The activity of progesterone increases sebaceous activity ... and acne pimples can appear during these nine months. Most anti-acne drugs can not be prescribed during pregnancy, so it will be necessary to find other parries. Even local treatments are to be forgotten without medical advice. Only your doctor can recommend effective treatments. Remember to adopt a strict hygiene and be patient ...

A toned and firm body

No question of getting into a marathon or a violent sport during these nine months, but still think about maintaining the firmness of your muscles. You will be happy after birth. Which sports to focus on? Walking, swimming, yoga or soft gymnastics.
To strengthen your abdominal muscles (and facilitate your delivery), you can do leg movements or pedaling. Lie on your back, arms outstretched and legs bent toward your belly. Lower your joined legs to the floor, first to the right, then to the left, without moving your upper body. Not easy, but effective.

Support for your breasts

Under the effect of hormones, your breasts swell and stretch. During these nine months, they will take on average two sizes of bra. They need support to stay in place. From the beginning of your pregnancy, choose a suitable bra with deep cups and not too tight, a wide back and elastic straps.

Fresh and invigorating effect

Every day, shower your breasts with fresh water. This will relieve you if you have pain and will give them more firmness. You can also practice this exercise of simple gym: pronounce the letter X of the alphabet while smiling to the maximum. You will feel the top of your bust go up ... it tones the skin envelope and muscle pecs. You can also tone your breasts or prevent stretch marks using the right products.

Sweetness at the time of the toilet

At the time of the shower or the bath, use soft products and remember to hydrate yourself then. Once a week, think of scrub because during pregnancy, sweating is often more important. The sweat glands that secrete sweat help the kidneys eliminate your trash ... but also those of your baby.

No to stretch marks

Let's say it all, it is very difficult to avoid! But we can mitigate them. These small pink streaks, even slightly purplish, are located where the skin is the most distended: breasts, belly, thighs, hips ... After delivery, the stretch marks will fade becoming a pearly white but will not disappear completely .
How to prevent them? By taking care not to gain too much weight, by massaging the sensitive areas with adapted products from the 4th month of pregnancy.

Lightness for the legs

From the beginning of pregnancy, you will probably have a feeling of heavy legs, swollen ankles ... A phenomenon that will increase with the weight gain of your baby and a traffic that will idle.
The risk ? See unsightly varicose veins appear.
To relieve your legs, eliminate anything that compresses your circulation in the legs (tights, socks or boots too tight). Walk 30 minutes each day (avoiding high heels), sleep your legs elevated and escape all sources of heat (hot bath, waxing hot ...). You can also refresh your legs with suitable products: special creams "heavy legs", sprays, relaxing milks ... Also think of homeopathic remedies and seek advice from the pharmacist.

Not the mask!

Towards the end of the 3rd month, pay attention to the pregnancy mask! Small brown spots due to the sun, which can persist even after birth or years later. Better to prevent.
On the program, total screen under your day cream (even if the sky is covered because it does not prevent the UV to pass), brimmed hat and glasses at the slightest exposure to the sun in summer.

Such beautiful hair ...

They were "soft", they will become flexible and tonic; dull, they will be brilliant ... hormones often want good hair pregnant women! Same for nails that are healthier, harder and less brittle.
But not all women are equal. It may also be the opposite. Prefer soft shampoos, little detergent, avoid anything that weakens the hair (hair dryer, lacquer, styling products ...).
Choose a diet rich in vitamins B (especially folic acid), trace elements, mineral salts. You can take appropriate dietary supplements, they are safe for your health or that of your baby.

A makeup "nature"

Fresh complexion, bright eyes ... expectant mothers usually symbolize fullness, sweetness and tenderness. No need to load your makeup. The ideal is a transparent complexion, slightly golden to catch the light.
Think of the sun powder, but with lightness, just applied by small touches with a big brush on your cheekbones, your forehead, the tip of your nose.
Lipstick side, opt for pink beiges, shiny gloss ... For makeup eyelids, prefer melted tones, beige rosé, mole. For mascara, you can dare color like the navy if you have hazel eyes.