Your child 3-5 years

Is it suggestible?

When he finds his friend Hugo, your angel turns into a devil: he is always ready to follow him to play but also, alas, to do stupid things.

At the park or school, as soon as he is with his band of friends, it's always the same, he follows the movement. If he could show a little more initiative ... Yesterday again, you nicknamed him "my little sheep", today you fear that it becomes one.

Influence of friends: an obligatory and beneficial passage

  • Since he was born, your child imitates: the sounds then the words, the gestures then the behaviors. Imitation has a social function: thanks to it, it comes into contact with others. It's a way to communicate.
  • He plays "do the same" as his friend. For your child, it is nice to walk in the footsteps of a friend full of resources and dynamism. At the same time, he is introduced to new games.
  • A complicity is born. These are often the beginnings of a friendship that will allow your child not to remain isolated. To many, we play better and we feel safe.

Influenceable: prevent slippage

He seems captivated by this little boy, band leader. He talks about it as if it were Superman.

  • Your child is aware of having to obey to his parents or his mistress, for example. Now his friend dares to do what he does not dare, including nonsense and bad words. He is facing a child who transgresses certain limits. For him, this is heroism. This is his Zorro sandboxes, in short.
  • Your child identifies with him because he admires some of his qualities. It is through these successive identifications, which will punctuate his whole life, that he will forge his personality.
  • He may believe that it is his status that imposes prohibitions on him. Some people, like adults, would have the right to do anything.

What to do ?

  • Remind him that at any age, it is forbidden to hurt others or destroy what he has.
  • Accompany his reasoning : if you break this toy, who will you hurt, hurt ...? Stay consistent between your words and your actions. Show him the example on a daily basis.

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