Are you tempted by a baby shower?

Are you tempted by a baby shower?

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Before we can celebrate the arrival of baby, why not celebrate the future mother, by organizing a baby shower? Real institution in the United States, this prenatal party dedicated to the future mother is also successful in France.

The baby shower, what is it?

  • Celebrated most often in the 8th month of pregnancy, the Baby Shower is a prenatal party that celebrates the future mother.
  • Organized by mothers, she was originally the opportunity to share their experiences and especially that of childbirth with a primiparous (woman whose first child).
  • Extremely common in the United States, the baby shower is as inevitable as a bachelor party girl. It is most often organized by friends, family or colleagues of the future child. It's a 100% feminine party!
  • And as nothing is too beautiful to celebrate the future birth, we take the big game: cards of invitations, birth list, gifts for the future mother, the future baby but also for the guests too, without forgetting the decorations, the balloons, the cakes, the sweets ... Because the central theme of the baby-shower is a sweet regression in childhood ...
  • It does not necessarily win all votes. Some people feel that offering gifts for a baby who is not yet born can bring bad luck and a more appropriate birthday after birth.
  • Nevertheless, today this custom has crossed the barrier across the Atlantic through television series like Gray's anatomy, Sex in the city or Desperate housewives that helped to make it popular in France.
  • If you dream of a baby shower before the birth of your child, there are companies specialized in the organization of this holiday, proposing different formulas according to the budgets. Examples:, Dreams in gold, mysweetbabyparty.But you can also organize it yourself with the help of your friends and relatives or your friends can decide to surprise you!

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