Announcement: everything it reveals

Announcement: everything it reveals

Bristol ultra-classic, inventive DIY, funny announcement or small ad in the press ... Announcement, of course, the birth of your baby, but it says a lot about the parents that you are. 6 couples describe the announcement they used. It's up to you to recognize yours and read the decryption of our specialists!

In the classico family: a card announcing the new

"Quentin's announcement was a real headache!" After reviewing a lot of ideas, including some very complicated, we finally opted for absolute simplicity. was content to say that we were happy to announce the birth of our son! "(Elisabeth and Jean)

This type of go-get goes straight to the point. It focuses on the essential: to announce that one is parent!

  • Stripping, sobriety, this doing-by goes straight to the point. It focuses on the essential. The most important thing is not just to announce the baby's arrival, but to announce oneself as parents. It is said that one becomes a father and a mother, one reasserts the family ties, one inscribes one's baby in the family and its filiation, without embellishment nor staging. This announcement is so important that it is good for itself.
  • An announcement that would probably have stained 30 or 40 years ago ... The event of birth has gained weight in our current society, while it was totally understated in the years that followed 68! At the time, the announcement was also considered quite cheesy.
  • Today, we claim the fact of founding a family, we assume it fully, we give a very strong meaning to this act, almost solemn.

In the family bricolo: recycled paper and dried flower

"Designing Ninon's announcement was important to us, we wanted him to talk about us, about the family we want to build, about the ideas we hold." We chose to stick his picture to a small square corrugated cardboard, recycled paper, on which we hung a dried flower. "(Laure and Michel)

An announcement that says: we are not only parents, we also have convictions, a personality.

  • The recipients of this invitation did not have a hard time understanding that they were in the presence of nature lovers, green trend! Behind, there is the affirmation of two individuals who say: we are not only parents, we also have convictions, a personality. It is very revealing of our society where what counts above all is to be realized in all its facets.
  • The treasures of imagination and creativity displayed by many contemporary announcements are admiring. The bar is set very high: make a baby is not enough, you must also imagine an announcement out of the ordinary!
  • Maybe that's a way to get your hands back. Because ultimately, the creation of a child escapes us in large part and we are obliged to accept it. By making a self-announcement, one gives oneself the illusion of mastering the creation from A to Z. One chooses the materials, their arrangement, etc. It's very reassuring.

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