Miscarriage: what are the signs?

The miscarriage, spontaneous interruption of the pregnancy, is one of the biggest fears of the pregnant woman, especially during the first trimester of pregnancy. If it can not be anticipated, some signs are still good indicators.

What is miscarriage?

  • Miscarriage or spontaneous early abortion is the stop during the first trimester of a pregnancy that started normally.
  • Most often experienced as a traumatic experience, it is a natural phenomenon that affects 16% of pregnancies and that it is important not to dramatize.
  • If the warning signs vary from one woman to another and depending on the age of pregnancy, some clinical manifestations may reveal that a miscarriage is occurring.

Bleeding: the first warning signals

  • These are the main warning signs. They may indicate that the egg is peeling off. But beware, all bleeding during the first trimester of pregnancy is not always indicative of miscarriage but they are all reasons for emergency consultation.
  • Only clinical and ultrasound examinations can determine whether this is a spontaneous early abortion.

Pelvic pain and cramps: maybe a sign

  • All the pains in the lower abdomen and kidneys do not mean that the pregnancy is stopping. On the other hand, when they resemble violent menstrual pain, associated or not with cramps, vomiting, nausea, and sometimes even with diarrhea, they may be contractions signifying that the uterus is in the process of expel the egg and the miscarriage is starting.
  • There is nothing to prevent a miscarriage that has started. Nevertheless, it is necessary to consult, especially in urgency when these contractions are accompanied by continuous bleeding.

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