5 tips to store your fridge

No more anarchy! Better tidying up your refrigerator only has advantages. This is the best way to prevent foodborne infections, thus protecting the health of our family and reducing waste.

1. At the coldest: the most fragile products

  • A well-regulated refrigerator must maintain a temperature of 5 degrees C on the middle floor. Depending on the refrigerator models, the coldest zone (between 0 and 3 degrees C) is located on the lower floor, just above the crisper, or on the top floor. To find out, look at the manual (for the most recent models, this area can be identified by a triangular symbol on the wall.
  • It is here, in this coldest zone, that we have to store the most perishable and fragile products: meat, fresh fish, seafood, open dairy products, fresh fruit juice, products in progress defrosting.

2. In the middle, fresh area: eggs, dairy products, cold cuts

  • In the middle floors (between 4 and 6 degrees C), we will place yogurts, pasteurized cheeses and other dairy products, cold cuts, cooked products, leftovers in airtight boxes, pastries and all products with the mention " to keep cool after opening ".

3. In the sweetness of the crisper ... fruits and vegetables

  • This protected portion of the refrigerator maintains a temperature of 8 ° / 10 ° C. It is intended to receive fruits and vegetables that would be damaged by too cold temperatures: salads, for example. You can also put the cheese to finish refining.

4. In the door, a light refrigeration

  • The compartments in the door are the "warmest" parts of the refrigerator (8 ° / 12 ° C). We will store drinks, mustard, butter, eggs, olives, sauces. Beware of the products started (milk, fruit juice, soups ...), it is better to consume them within 48 hours.

5. And in the freezer ...

  • To freeze homemade food, you need a 4-star freezer ****. The washed and peeled fruits and vegetables can be placed in boiling water for 1 to 2 minutes to stabilize their color and vitamins. We can keep them for 1 year. Ice creams, cold cuts, fatty fish will be consumed within 3 months. Home cooked meals within 6 months.

Did you say DLC and DLUO?

The DLC or expiry date - or to consume before the ... - must be respected. Only yogurts kept cool at -6 ° C have a safety margin of one week, but not the white cheeses or desserts.
The best use date or date of use - or to consume preferably before the ... - can be exceeded without danger. But foods lose their vitamins, omega 3 and flavor over time.

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Odile Amblard

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