5 tips for a smooth start

5 tips for a smooth start

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Back to school is not easy for all children. How to resume good habits after the holidays? Here are some tracks for a back to school at the top!

After these few weeks of vacation, a child may have difficulty returning to school. The feeling of security felt at home, having had a good time with mom and dad, he will have to leave all this to take over the "constraints" of the school. The first days can be tiring, how to help your child cope with the difficulties of recovery and especially for a back to fitness? Here are our answers.

1. Positize!

  • They will have to comply with the disciplines, the homework, the schedules ... Just for that, the return to the school is source of stress and anxieties for the children, in particular for the toddlers. Why not change that? The reunion with friends and family, new extracurricular activities ... there are plenty of ideas to make this little comeback more than enjoyable.

2. Sleep early to get up early!

  • Finished the period of fat mornings and relaxation, it is time to resume his habits; get up early and so ... sleep earlier, everyday and even on weekends! For children, sleep must be totally restorative to avoid fatigue and lack of concentration and attention. Why not resume the evening ritual with readings, stories or comics ....
  • So start again at this pace one week before the start of school and provide a normal sleep time of 9 to 11 hours for children, depending on their age.
  • Moreover, it is also important to have a better quality of sleep. Avoid sodas, heavy meals in the evening, movies, TV in excess, video games ...

3. Fixed and regular hours

  • Fixed and regular times for meals, snacks, naps and sleep prepare the child to pick up and set the clock back on time. Set regular hours, one week before the start of school, so that your child can attack his first day of school in great shape.

4. A balanced diet ...

  • The time differences, the different activities during the holidays led to changes in the rhythm of the child's life. It is time now to rectify its mode of feeding. Do not forget to opt for a balanced diet adapted to his age. And above all, do not miss the good full breakfast of the morning! Cereals, hot drink, fruit juice and yoghurt, keep this good habit for the whole year.

5. Get used to the pace of school

  • More fat mornings, need concentration and total attention, recovery of notebooks and books, the drive to school ... The school rhythm begins. Why not get used to it and start a few days earlier with small revisions, just to adapt to the school environment.

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