A unique story, in majestic settings ... between thriller and comedy drama, this documentary film features felines filmed for two years in Kenya, camera in hand. A fabulous trip to the heart of Africa and her feelings. To do with your big ones only.

A trip to Africa

  • The film takes place in Africa, in the Masai Mara, one of the wildest regions of the world, where animals live free and far from men.
  • South of the river, reigns the lion clan led by Fang. Layla, the brave lioness, raises the little Mara and will go to the end to save her baby. To the north, it is the lion Kali who dominates with his four sons who dream of extending their territory. There is also Sita, cheetah mom solo ... We track their history. The danger is everywhere, but the family ties are strong ...
  • Family relationships are at the heart of this film. In spite of the dangers present in the savannah, mothers, daughters, fathers and brothers find a way to live together. The intensity of wildlife situations and emotions is totally what we like to see on the big screen.

Not before 8 years

  • How do masters of animal cinema make to approach so closely these large carnivores? Nothing is rigged, it's a captivating film.
  • Even if the camera does not dwell on the scenes of devouring, do not take your moviegoer too young or sensitive.
  • By Keith Scholey and Alastair Fothergill, Disneynature, 1:30.
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