Fresh breakfast package

Does your child get tired of hot milk? Offer him a milkshake: with fruits, he changes his taste without losing any of his nutritional values.

The milk shake:

  • Mix 15 cl of cold milk with some frozen raspberries and a teaspoon of sugar.

The little sandwiches:

  • Mix 30 g of fresh cheese with chopped herbs (chives and mint) and a few cubes of cucumber.
  • Slightly toast two slices of bread and spread the mixture between them.
  • Cut the sandwich in four.

The citrus salad:

  • Peel half a tangerine and two quarters of pink grapefruit to fill up with vitamins.

The opinion of the dietician

Yes, breakfast can be salty too. Some children prefer it and others will appreciate the novelty.

Other breakfast formulas for your child? It's this way !