Gas and bloating: 3 tips to relieve them

Gas and bloating are some common pains of the pregnant woman. Without any seriousness, they are no less painful: discover simple techniques to relieve them.

Bloating of pregnancy: how to explain them?

  • The bloating of the pregnant woman can be related to different causes. When they occur early in pregnancy, they are usually due to the natural increase in progesterone levels. This hormone tends to slow the intestinal transit: this results in a fermentation of food in the digestive system with gas production, hence the bloating ...
  • Growing up, the future baby also supports more and more on the digestive system, which disrupts its operation, especially in the 3rd quarter. But there are still other causes just as mild to bloating as an unbalanced diet or meals taken too quickly ...

1. Anti-bloating tip: take small meals in peace ...

  • Meals that are too rich can promote bloating during pregnancy: better distribute your food intake of the day into 5 small meals. Ideally, you should savor them quietly, quietly, taking the time to chew each mouthful. Why ? Because eating too fast often leads to swallowing a lot of air which, once in the digestive tract, will cause or worsen the feeling of bloating ...
  • Good to know: splitting your meals is also helpful against pregnancy nausea.

2. Limit certain foods against bloating

  • To reduce bloating, limit as much as possible foods fast fermenting in the digestive system, especially cruciferous (eg cauliflower, cabbage), but also products "light" (eg: light yoghurt): sweeteners (eg, aspartame, sorbitol) in their composition often tend to ferment.
  • Also prefer fruits and vegetables cooked raw vegetables ...
  • Other foods to consume moderately: dried fruits, which can irritate the lining of the intestine and fried foods, which slow down digestion.
  • Also avoid using soft drinks and chewing gum.

3. Walk after the meal to have less bloating

  • After eating, do not hesitate to go for a walk: this gentle physical activity stimulates the digestive system. No need to walk for hours: 10 to 15 minutes walk are usually enough. Wear comfortable clothing that does not put pressure on your digestive system.
  • Good to know: unless you have a specific medical contraindication, regular physical activity is beneficial during pregnancy. It facilitates digestion, reduces the risk of hypertension, reduces low back pain ... It's all about choosing a sport that is gentle and without risk of falling, such as swimming. Do not hesitate to ask your doctor for advice.

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