Happy, blogging moms!

What drives a mother, already well occupied by her or his toddlers, to embark on the adventurous "blogosphere"? Blogging moms are testifying.

  • Emmanuelle * keeps her diary of a Lille mother "During my son's first few weeks, I could spend nights on the Internet looking for things that went wrong, which made me want to share my experiences."
  • At the origin of a successful culinary blogAnne **, a Bordeaux mother of two food allergic children, also wanted to share her good plans: "My daily life was:" How am I going to feed my children tonight? "One had to follow a diet without gluten, the other without eggs. "
  • For Natacha ***, the blog has become the main escape during her maternity leave: "I had to stop working quickly during my second pregnancy, so at home, between my stomach and my eldest, I was really bored, so my husband suggested that I start my blog, and since then, writing punctuates my day and makes my brain work for something other than the usual household chores. "

Businesswoman at home

  • Most of these moms publish one to three times a week anecdotes of their daily life or photos of their offspring. With great pleasure and greed, they forge links, through comments, with a small number of readers, close friends or unknown.
  • Other moms, stimulated by a few rare women who are becoming more and more famous on the Web, are turning into real businesswomen. This shift from the personal blog to the semi-professional blog is made possible by the combination of two recent phenomena: on the one hand the multiplication of offers that generate income, a few tens or hundreds of euros per month, to bloggers who agree to hosting advertisements or writing paid articles on certain branded products. Published in the body of the blog (and not on the fringes, like advertisements), these notes are called "sponsored notes", mention indicated at the beginning or at the end of the text.
  • The second phenomenon the brand new opportunity for bloggers known as "influential", ie those whose blog attracts a wide audience, to be approached to provide editorial content to other sites. Some moms decide to do their job. It is this adventure that tells us Céline Dupont alias Shalima, of the blog Merci pour le chocolat and Isabelle Duvert alias E-Zabel.


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