Your child 3-5 years

Special summer evening stories

The bear and the fairies pipelettes, The boat of Marius, The dream of Bachir ... discover 14 stories special summer. Each of them is divided into 3 episodes because the suspense, children love! Feel free to print and keep them.

Alert on Green Island

Bluette is a whale ... like no other. His job ? Lifeguard at sea! And in the ocean around Green Island, there is work. Quick, immerse yourself in our story.

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The Bear and the fairies pipelettes

Three pipelettes! These little fairies chained sentences and nonsense of any kind. The great wizard Praline can not stand these naughty and decides to punish them ...

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The Boat of Marius

The sea, the fish, a sunny island ... for this story that feels good holidays, we take you to meet a little boy who has a treasure: his boat! Ready to ship?

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The Monster in love

Once upon a time there was a monstrously shy monster who was in love ... with a witch! To make his statement, he decided to give him a gift. Yes, but which one? A story full of twists.

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The Ocean Genius

A bottle in the sea ... this is the incredible discovery of Theo and his sister, Pauline, on the beach holidays. A treasure map, a call for help? Not at all ! What this bottle contains is even more surprising. Let's go for the story!

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Panic at the circus!

At the Popof circus, nothing goes well: costumes and accessories have disappeared. The Zipo clown leads the investigation among the artists. will he manage to save the show before entering the track? Let's raise the curtain on a suspenseful story for your apprentice detective.

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Bachir's dream

A lamp with a genius inside that fulfills every wish ... the dream! It is precisely that of Bachir, a little boy in the land of Arabian Nights. Find him in his magical adventures.

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