Pregnant hemorrhoids: what treatment?

The haemorrhoidal crisis is one of the common pains in pregnant women, mainly in the third trimester of pregnancy. Above all, do not hesitate to talk to the doctor or the midwife, there are ways to relieve you!

When to consult?

  • Difficult transit, itching or burning, bleeding, pain ... all these symptoms may be related to hemorrhoidal problems and warrant the advice of a doctor or specialist (proctologist). Better to consult early enough because the problem can get worse and make the delivery more painful.

What are the specific treatments for pregnancy?

  • Most often, a local antalgic treatment (suppositories and / or cream), associated with simple measures cold sitz baths, application of an ice cube (in a condom) in case of coagulated blood in an external hemorrhoid (thrombosis), use soap neutral pH non-irritating for the toilet and a cotton soaked in toilet milk instead of toilet paper ...
  • In general, the hemorrhoidal problems of expectant mothers regress after delivery, and surgery is rarely warranted.

If you have to intervene

  • During pregnancy, the surgical treatment of ligating the branches of the arteries to prevent blood from getting into the hemorrhoids is exceptional ... But if these isolated haemorrhages are resistant to treatment, it is possible to intervene locally through a photocoagulation treatment (micro-laser) that will dry, then sclerose the tissues. This small procedure is completely painless, without any contraindications and without hospitalization. One to three sessions spaced three weeks apart are usually sufficient.

Is there a way to prevent pregnant hemorrhoids?

  • Absolutely fighting constipation. For this, you need to drink a lot of water (two liters per day), eat whole bread, yogurts, fruits, prunes ... and use, if necessary and exceptionally, paraffin oil or mucilage sweet that promote transit (especially no laxatives, irritants).
  • On the other hand, it is preferable to exclude spices and excitants (coffee, tea ...) which, they, favor the crises.
  • Finally easier to say than live, avoid stress because the neurovegetative system also plays a significant role!

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