He is sulking his bottle

He is sulking his bottle

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Your baby from 6-12 months does not appreciate his bottle. Morning and evening, he turns his head away and starts to cry if you insist ... Of course, that worries you. Should we offer him something else? The advice of Dr. Sophie Treppoz, pediatrician.

He sulks his bib 'because he may be sick

  • In case of pharyngitis or otitis, swallowing can be painful. Your baby seems to have lost his legendary appetite? Do not worry, it's transitory! After a few days, the pain will be lessened and he will take his bottle with pleasure.

What has to be done

  • Give him paracetamol if you feel that he is suffering ... your instinct is not mistaken! If he really does not eat anything, you can try some ice cream with a teaspoon, the cold will relieve his sore throat.

He does not like bottle-drinking anymore

  • He chews the bottle nipple without conviction? The problem can be more related to the container than the content ...

What has to be done

  • To you the porridge! The basic recipe: to mix in a soup plate its reconstituted infant milk with adapted cereals (the recipes are detailed on the boxes of cereals). He discovers the spoon and the novelty can stimulate it.

He does not like his milk anymore or ... the milk?

  • He is tired of his milk. Do not panic, there is an impressive variety of infant cereals to flavor it.

What has to be done

  • Rice-honey, vanilla, chocolate, red fruits, carrot ... some of these perfumes could perhaps seduce him? Better to play variety, otherwise your toddler may get used to one taste.
  • Another option, from 10 months: switch to growth milk! The flavor is different from the milk 2nd age. If he is always choosy, replace the milk with milk-specific dairy products, enriched with iron. An infant needs 500 ml of infant milk per day minimum, equivalent to five 100-gram milk products. If you give him "normal" milk (whole or semi-skimmed milk, as for his bigger brothers and sisters), there is no vital risk to his health, of course. But it could be deficient in iron and essential fatty acids. Therefore, bet on the enriched dairy products that you will find in the baby department.
  • And do not despair: this disenchantment is perhaps only transient, do not hesitate to repropose the bottle in a few months.

Sophie Cousin with Dr. Sophie Treppoz, pediatrician.