Your child 1-3 years

He becomes sociable

It's new, your toddler exchanging toys with friends, distributing cuddles, sometimes a few shovels ... Life in a group, it can be learned too!

Before 1 year, your baby was still indifferent to others. The acquisition of walking and that of language have changed everything. These new "tools" allow him to advance towards the other, to communicate. These are the beginnings of socialization.

Discover others

  • It's around 9-12 months that your baby has really discovered the existence of other children. It was the time when he was looking for the first time to catch the eyes of the boyfriend sitting next to him. He gave her his toy, in exchange for another ...
  • Around 12-13 months, your "big" begins to walk and sets out to conquer the world. As a result, his relationship to the other is not always very tender. He grabs his neighbor's toy, pushes it, pulls his hair, sometimes bites it. The other is still a bit of an object he likes to test to see how "that" reacts. It causes conflict to also attract the attention of the adult, who remains his number one reference.

Imitating is learning

  • Very early, your toddler has a real talent for imitating : the first year, he mimes the smiles of the adult, babble when spoken to him. From 1 year, he also imitates the children around him. This is the moment for toddlers to engage in cookware concerts, stacking twin towers ...
  • Contrary to appearances, your child does not play with others yetbut side by side. At this age, the children observe each other, influence each other, while following each other their little merry way. The goal of these imitation games is not to exchange, but to explore the world!

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