5 reassuring answers about postpartum

5 reassuring answers about postpartum

The birth of baby is a source of great happiness and ... questions too. Here are the answers of professionals to the 5 most common questions posed by new moms. To help you start this new life.

1. Do I have to rest right after delivery?

  • Even if, after the tiredness, you will not be able to let go of your little wonder of the eyes, Ideally, you should really enjoy the first 24 hours to sleep. Ask dad to take over to take care of your toddler or do not hesitate to leave it at the maternity nursery for a few hours.

2. Do I have to accept all visits to the maternity ward?

  • In the maternity ward, to be able to rest and enjoy your new parenthood, limit the visits to the restricted circle (family, close friends). Book the bulk of the visits when you return home, when you may feel a little lonely and where you will need to be surrounded or even supported.

3. What if my baby cries at night?

  • Like many young moms, you may experience the first nights of maternity with your baby like hard to overcome events. It's perfectly normal and do not feel guilty! Know already that some babies cry more than others.
  • Do not hesitate to talk to the midwife or the pediatrician. They will reassure you. You may be able to have your little treasure kept in the nursery for the first two nights.

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