Your baby 0-1 year

He does not want to say hello anymore

Say hello to the lady, kiss the baker ... no! Your baby was so cute when he waved his little hand to say goodbye or when he was sending kisses. Why does he not want to do it anymore?

  • Because it stopped amusing him. Too small for that, he never saw in these funny gestures the slightest mark of politeness. He just knew how to do something that made you happy and complied gracefully. Today, he has much more exciting occupations and satisfying you is no longer his main concern.
  • Of course, he still loves cuddles and fiery kisses sessions, they are reserved for you as a real mark of love. But why would he make a kiss to the baker or the creamer for whom he has no particular affection?
  • It is not because your baby does not understand the need for politeness that you should stop teaching him. If it is too early to demand hello, goodbye, thank you and please (still much too difficult to pronounce elsewhere), you, however, make these four little words leitmotif.
  • Never miss them when you are in his presence. Once he mastered the language, they will be so much part of his daily life that he will use them without even thinking about it.
  • Above all, do not ask anything in this matter before the age of 3, especially as around 12-18 months, your child will enter this delicious crisis called "opposition" during which he will be happy to flout anything that is important to you.
  • Be patient and persevering, your efforts will surely be rewarded ... later!