Your child 3-5 years

He caught us making love

You thought your child had fallen asleep long ago. And here he comes to your room during your lovemaking!

He caught you making love, how to react?

  • Do not scold him especially and do not adopt a shameful attitude either. In both cases, this reaction would be guilt for him.
  • Invite him calmly to leave your roome once the effect of surprise passed. You can then accompany him to his and provide him with a first explanation to play down the discomfort created by his intrusion.
  • Explain : "Mom and Dad were playing an adult game" or "We were doing a very big hug!" This incident will not be traumatic for your child if you put words on what he just saw and that he can not understand.
  • Thee passage through speech is essential because it avoids your child to "make a film" in his corner with a scenario that has little to do with reality. The moans of pleasure are often interpreted as crying or the expression of suffering. The children think that their father hurts their mother. Hence the need to restore the concept of play and fun, without going too much into details.

Find the right words

  • Get ready to answer his questions. When he catches you in the heat of the moment, your child understands immediately, in front of your reaction, that he is witnessing a special relationship between his father and his mother. This discovery echoes the sexual curiosity that is characteristic of this age. And it would not be surprising if he thought or asked questions the following days.

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