Your child 1-3 years

He always speaks shouting

Your child does not speak ... he shouts. Not only does it bother you at home, but at the supermarket or with your friends, it does not go unnoticed and twists your ears! Why this need to shout at the top of your head? It starts to worry you.


He has a hearing problem

  • At his age, your child must be able to control the intensity of his voice if his hearing is normal. On the other hand, if he does not hear well and as a result he can not control himself, he will speak louder to better understand himself. This hearing loss may simply be due to a plug of cerumen (natural secretion of the ear), but also be the consequence of seromucous otitis. Although it is sometimes painless, it can still cause up to 30% hearing loss.
  • What has to be done. Observe your child's behavior: Does he often ask you to repeat what you told him? Does it always increase the volume of the radio or TV? To detect a possible hearing problem and investigate the cause, make an appointment with the pediatrician. If he has any doubts, he will refer you to an ENT specialist.
  • What to tell him. "The doctor will check that you hear well and make you listen to sounds in your ears."

He seeks to attract your attention

  • Your child is screaming especially when he is impatient or angry. He seems to use the tone and volume of his voice as a power over others, even a means of pressure.
  • What has to be done. Give him time to finish his sentences and listen to him until he has expressed everything he has to say. Answer him by speaking softly, without trying to cover his voice. If you feel that he thinks that with a loud voice, he will get what he wants, stay calm and tell him that you have heard it.
  • What to say. "I heard what you said to me, I can not answer you right now, if you're angry, you can go to your room and come back when you're calmer."

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