He's afraid of the clown ...

He's afraid of the clown ...

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A big red nose, bushy eyebrows, a motley jacket ... and magic does not work. It's the opposite! Disappointed? You have to tame the Auguste!

But why this wacky man with a wide smile, red nose and big shoes does it scream your child with terror? A little disappointed, you who were so happy to introduce him to the joys of the show. Better to know it: you will need a little patience before your little serious relaxes against the hilarious facies of the clown!

Too soon, the clown is not so funny!

Your baby's fear reaction makes perfect sense.

  • During his second year and until he is four, he must build an identity. From the point of view of his inner psyche, it's a bit like he's dealing with a puzzle that needs to be put together. To succeed in this difficult task, he needs a reassuring environment, without too many surprises.
  • In this respect, the clown can only destabilize him. Your child sees that behind the makeup, there is someone else. But who ? Too complicated. As he seeks to unify, this is not the time to confront your toddler with such ambiguities!
  • The clown has a rather disturbing face for a child: his smile drawn by an outrageous makeup is frozen. Remember that the first source of reassurance for a toddler is the face of his parents, with eyes and mouth animated by affects. Finally, the screaming voice of the clown is not made to appease a spectator already a little panicked!

The clown, go slowly ...

If your child is afraid of the clown, there is no question of making fun of your little one in tears before the clown, or even of forcing him to approach him.

  • Protect it. Tighten him hard against you, back to the stage, so that he bury his little head in your neck. He will have a thousand more opportunities to see a clown! For now, he needs reassurance.
  • Talk to him. Whisper some soothing words in your ear! "Do not be afraid", "This clown is very nice, you know" ...

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