Your child 1-3 years

He opposes everything

No, not the shoes. No, not the bath. No, not the soup. For some time, your child has opposed everything. Exhausting! And if your little rebel had his reasons ...

  • What fly stung him? He who ate so well, let himself be obediently dressed ... Today, he opposes, disobeys, resists, what you tend to interpret as provocation. To react at best, understand what is happening in him.

He's against it ? A way to build

  • He is different from you. Until about 18 months, your toddler lived a little like the extension of you, his parents, and especially his mother. He was not able to say "I". To be able to say "I", he must separate. Hence the inevitable step of the "no".
  • Il asserts itself. Your child needs to distance you to feel like an individual. This new perception of itself will develop little by little and develop up to 2 years and half-3 years.

What's going on in his little head?

  • He seeks his limits. Faced with his opposition, the first reflex is often to interpret his attitude as a balance of power. As a result, your reaction is based on your idea of ​​the provocation and not the need of your child. You think, "He's looking for my limits!" Yet around the age of two or three, a child is not able to set such a goal and play the power game. In reality, it is his own limits that he seeks, not yours!
  • He needs a moment of reflection. Take the example of food: when he was an infant, he swallowed his bottle of milk or soup without asking the question: "Do I really want or is it the desire of mom?" Today Now, gradually becoming aware of himself, he needs to know whether he wants the spoonfuls you offer him or not. His first reaction is to say "no". But in reality, this refusal will allow him to take time to decide for himself and finally decide that: "Now, I want it."

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