Your child 5-11 years

Imagine ...

With our box "Yes you understood everything", your child will do math, cooking, painting, gardening, or making origamis ... And see him proud to have understood everything, it has no price !

Imagine ...

14h, a Sunday. Your 7 year old son is coming to see you "Dad, Mom, I need you, I need to know the table of 8 for tomorrow!"

A priori, unpleasant situation, you dreamed better for your Sunday afternoon! But priority at the table of 8, of course! So, calmly, you attack:

7*8 ?

6*8 ?

4*8 ?

"No, 7 * 8 it's not the same as 6 * 8, and not it's not always 56" Oh, the tone goes up slightly, the annoyance is gradually taking over everyone.

The good news ? CA CAN PASS OTHERWISE!

Learning by repetition is good, but learn while having fun it's so much better! If you are promised that your child will understand the multiplication principle WHILE COOKING delicious cookies, you go for it, right?

Discover our complete collection of 6 boxes Yes you understood everything, (not 1 more, because 6 it is perfect to respect the rhythm of the child), carried out by the teams of Bayard Youth, in co-edition with the start-up specialized in the playful learning of TOPLA maths.

In each box, your child will find:

  1. All the equipment needed to carry out the activities
  2. A booklet with detailed explanations to give him maximum autonomy
  3. And, the promise to have a good time together :)

Each box addresses a notion of mathematical different through the game and manipulation ! The concrete and rewarding result each activity is a source of pride for the child and allows him to to gain confidence.

Discover all there is in our 1era box, Cooking cookies and understand the multiplications!

To learn more, it's here !

Bayard Box - Yes you understood everything, the box to do math otherwise!

From 6 years old and from 11 € / month