BMI between 22 and 23: my Dukan program

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My BMI is between 22 and 23: I am thin, I would like the pregnancy does not make me lose this balance

During pregnancy

  • If the pregnancy is going well, at a rate that leads to a final weight gain of around 12-13 kg, eat normally, avoiding what seems too fat, too sweet, too salty and fried. And no alcohol.
  • If, during pregnancy, your weight rises too fast, Adopt an enriched fortification diet, with proteins, vegetables, oat bran pancakes, two to three fruits, 20% dairy products, a 220 g portion of starchy foods a week, a tablespoon of oil per day and 2 Gala meals a week (an appetizer, a main course, a cheese or dessert, in good quantity, but without refilling and preferably in the evening). And you do not need pure protein on Thursday.
  • If your weight really progressed too fast and became threatening to you or your child, move on to a single fruit, 300 g of dairy, always oat bran and a tablespoon of oil, but no more Gala meals or starchy foods.

After pregnancy

  • If breastfeeding is in your favor and that your birth attendant is satisfied with the final weight, no problem. If you have grown a lot, return to the previous paragraph and, at the end of breastfeeding, see with your doctor if you decide to lose weight, depending on your general condition. If you give the bottle and if your pregnancy has left traces, resume an alternating rhythm with day of protein and day of protein + vegetables for 1 month. Then, consolidate.

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