Your child 3-5 years

Impossible to get out of the water!

Playing splashing, splashing, floating in the water ... your child loves, to the point of refusing to go out of the pool or the sea Yet there is a time when you have to get out of the water. How to negotiate this delicate turn? The advice of our specialist.

What is the problem ?

At the pool or at the seaside, you have to use an infinite amount of patience to get your child out of his new playground. He does not understand why he must deprive himself of paddling, he finds it unjust to have to get out of the water ... and you, you lose patience, you are afraid that his refusal is repeated at each bath of the sea.

He fires as soon as you try to take him in your arms

For him, it's almost become a game. If he's on foot, equipped with his buoys, he tries to escape when you try to catch him, as wriggling as a fish. To be at ease in this element, to put one's head under water marks for him the indispensable conquest of his autonomy!

  • What has to be done. Five minutes before going out, tell him about the new festivities that await him, for example a good snack. If he runs away, this is an opportunity to take him to the exit by entertainment, just to prolong the pleasure. So, enter his bubble, the time of a last complicit game.
  • What to tell him. "Come on, I'll catch you, and then we'll run together to the sand." And the nice program continues: "Here, and after, we disguise ourselves with the towel."

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