Pregnant genital infection: it is necessary to consult

Unusual or smelly losses, itching, painful reports ... you may be suffering from a genital infection. Do not take lightly during these nine months.

  • During pregnancy, no infection should be taken lightly! If you have unusual discharge (fluid, dry, smelly, more than usual), itching in the vulva or a burning sensation, if you feel discomfort or pain at the time of sexual intercourse, see without fail the gynecologist.
  • When treated in time, an infection will be of no consequence. If you do not take care of her, she may, depending on the stage of your pregnancy, cause miscarriage, premature birth, puerperal infection or your baby at the time of birth.

Candida albicans, trichomonas ...

  • Candida albicans: this fungus has a predilection for acidic environments. Pregnancy has the effect of modifying the acidity of the genital environment. It becomes more acidic in order to protect you from the usual microbes, but the candida albicans, it can settle and cause a mycosis.
  • The signs ? Liquid losses, abundant and smelly, itching in the vulva.
  • What to do ? At the time of your personal hygiene, use a mixture of water with a little baking soda.
  • The trichomonas: this parasite can cause vaginitis, that is, inflammation of the urethra or bladder canal.
  • The signs ? Dry and thick losses.
  • What to do ? Your gynecologist or doctor will prescribe a treatment based on eggs and an acidic liquid for your personal hygiene.
  • Do you have very liquid or thick losses but still smelly? A bacteriological examination in the laboratory will reveal the microbe in question and define the appropriate antibiotic.

Some preventive measures

  • Perfect hygiene is the key word during your pregnancy to prevent genital infections.
  • As it is taught to little girls, wipe well back and forth after each bowel movement (this will prevent germs from going to the vulva).
  • Change lingerie every day and very often your towels (glove, towel ...).
  • Prefer the showers to the baths.
  • Attention, it is also important that the future dad has an impeccable hygiene.

Karine Ancelet

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