Maternity registration: instructions for use

From the first signs of pregnancy, you must without further ado think to register at the maternity. Which establishment to choose? What steps to take? Here are our tips for preparing your registration.

Which maternity to choose?

  • The institution where you will give birth is not determined by your place of residence. You have the choice between different maternities. It is nevertheless preferable to choose one that is close to your home and easy to access. Indeed, at the end of your pregnancy, return trips to the maternity ward, especially for monitoring the baby and preparation for childbirth, will be more frequent, up to two to three times a week.
  • Ask about motherhood as soon as possible. The level of medical equipment, comfort (the possibility of having a private room for example) or the assumption of expenses (especially in the context of a private establishment) will be criteria to take into account.
  • Some choose to enroll in a specialized maternity center, equipped with a neonatology center or emergency resuscitation (maternity level II to III). However, if you do not present a pregnancy at risk, this type of precaution is, in the vast majority of cases, superfluous. You could also take the place of a woman who needs special follow-up. Keep in mind that there is no "bad motherhood" and that a small structure will be perfectly able to take care of you.

Reserve your place without delay

  • Once you have made your choice on a maternity hospital, do not wait to register. To obtain a place, you are advised to contact the establishment from the second or third month of pregnancy.
  • Public maternities are limited to a given number of registrations per month. In large cities, reputed maternity homes and those taking care of at-risk pregnancies are complete months in advance. The Paris region is particularly affected by this phenomenon.
  • As for private maternitiesthey are not subject to a limited number of reservations and are generally more accessible. Nevertheless, they do not have an inexhaustible reserve of places.

The steps to be taken

  • First step: contact the maternity ward. Before you go on site, make sure to call the secretariat of the establishment to inform you of the registration hours, the steps to take (some institutions offer a form to fill out online) and necessary documents.
  • To finalize your registration, you will be mainly asked: your identity card, your Social Security certificate (or your CMU certificate) to check that your rights are open, your Life Card, and your mutual insurance certificate if you have one. If you have had a blood test or ultrasound before registering, consider adding the results that will be added to your chart.

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