Heavy legs: natural solutions

Pregnancy promotes blood circulation disorders, usually starting in the 2nd trimester. The program of festivities: heavy legs and often swollen! Our natural solutions, to relieve them.

Heavy legs, why?

  • During pregnancy, the body undergoes major transformations, which will temporarily change certain functions of the body such as blood circulation. The blood volume increases under the influence of the hormonal upheavals and the venous return becomes more difficult because of the uterine volume. Circulation becomes less good, especially in the legs and may cause some women to risk varicose veins.
  • These disorders usually do not appear until the 2nd trimester. Conventional medicine is often reluctant to offer women allopathic medicines, which are not always safe during this period of embryonic and fetal formation. Both you turn to natural solutions and safe for you and your future baby.


To find light legs with homeopathic treatments:

  • Aesculus 4 or 5 CH: heavy legs with pelvic congestion (2 granules, 3 times daily)
  • Arnica 5 CH: heavy legs with tendency to hematoma and capillary fragility (2 granules, 3 times a day).
  • Hammamelis 4 CH: for disorders of the blood circulation in general (2 granules, 3 times per day).
  • Collinsonia canadensis 9 CH: if heavy legs are accompanied by hemorrhoids (2 granules, 3 times daily).

Herbal medicine

Some plants, both safe for the future baby and the mother, can effectively relieve heavy legs and varicose veins.

  • Prepare a mixture in equal proportion of red vine, mint and witch hazel.
  • Let steep 5 minutes 2 teaspoons of this mixture in a cup of boiling water.
  • Filter. For more effect, plunge a teaspoon of honey in which 1 drop of lemon essential oil has been diluted.
  • Drink 3 cups a day.

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