I learn to say "no"

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  • No, that's not possible to have a visit to the pediatrician's house on a single weekend, a Sunday afternoon at the parents-in-law's home, a few hours at the gym, a movie, a little time for himself, a little time for his couple , a dinner with friends ... and a nap because we're tired!
  • No I can not continue on the same pace as when we did not have children. Yes, we will have to make choices. Revisit my claims down, it necessarily means a renunciation ... And in renunciation, there is "no"! I learn to say "no", calmly, firmly and above all definitely. I will gain in serenity.

It rolls between the maternal assistant and me!

  • The key to good relationships with the person who welcomes our child? Communication. The number one cause of confusion? The unsaid. By taking time to regularly check with the maternal assistant, the referent at the nursery or the teacher, it is often possible to defuse time bombs ... and prevent my child from paying the cost. I do not wait for the storm to say: "I have the impression that there is a problem, a misunderstanding."
  • The idea is to find common ground together. Involving the super daddy is sometimes effective. Experience shows that when the father is involved with tact (and often more detachment than us), the crises are defused as if by magic!

Marie Auffret-Pericone

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