I panic at the announcement of my pregnancy ...

"I just learned that I'm pregnant, we are happy but everything is mixed up in my head and I panic a bit, how can I be more serene?" Our specialist, Sophie Marinopoulos, psychoanalyst, answers Lola's question.

The answer of Sophie Marinopoulos, psychoanalyst *

  • Your feeling shows that the ad transforms what was only a desire into a concrete reality with all that accompanies it: the corporal change, the new look of the parents, the family, the husband, the examinations sources of worry.
  • Transformations that are physical and social, but also psychological. You will change places starting with "dethrone" your parents and make them grandparents, with strong responsibilities, new emotions that will resurrect things from your childhood.
  • It is normal to feel moments of ambivalence, doubt, fear. It would be desirable to talk with your husband, your friends.
  • If your "panic" remains, do not hesitate to consult.

The mothers' point of view

  • "I'm 25 years old and I'm the mother full of a little girl of 1. To have a child is what can happen more fantastic to a woman.I totally bloomed during my pregnancy. happens very quickly, after birth, it's just happiness. " Marina 
  • "When I was 24, I learned that I was expecting a baby, it was not planned, and I asked myself billions of questions, but when you feel your baby moving in you, it will be better. is there, it's even more intense. " Lise

* Author of In the intimacy of mothers, ed. Marabout.

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