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I see you on the screen, baby!

Prematurity is always synonymous with separation. To better preserve the mother-baby bond, the neonatology department of Villefranche-sur-Saone equipped its rooms with a video system unique in France. Thus, the young mother is in permanent relationship with her toddler by interposed screen.

Prematurity is associated with early separation, anxiety about the future of the newborn, or a terrible feeling of helplessness during hospitalization. The mother-child bond is abruptly broken.

Preserving the link in case of prematurity

  • It's around this concept that the hospital center of Villefranche-sur-Saone opened its neonatology service unique in France. Here, everything is done so that the mother is never separated from her child.
  • If she wishes, she can stay with her baby for the duration of the hospitalization, and in a single room. For safer support, a camera is connected directly to the Nurse PC. A way to monitor 24 hours a day and in real time this toddler born before the hour.

Communicating through an interposed screen

  • But that's not all : the young woman, who can not move yet, has the possibility, thanks to a multimedia terminal, to be in video relation * with her newborn hospitalized on a different floor.
  • This solution is also the opportunity to transmit the video image to dad, brothers and sisters, grandparents. In a few clicks, via a secure connection, they will also be able to discover the last born.
  • And once back home, the mother can continue to receive pictures of her baby still hospitalized via her computer or mobile phone. Magic, no?
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Maryse Damiens

* A Connected Hospital concept proposed by Orange Business Services.

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