Play by car!

Play by car!

It's when we arrive? The journey by car is a little boring ... But when we play, right now, the trip is part of the party. Here are 3 easy little games for each age that will scroll the kilometers a little faster.

From 2 years old: name all that is red

  • Decide on a color. For example, red is easy. Point, then name all the red objects that you meet on the way: car, truck, jacket, geraniums, roof ....

From 4 years: find 3 words from the same category

  • Launch a category of objects: the farm, the forest, the vegetables. And ask your child to find 3 items that fall into the category: hen, cow, pig!
  • Bravo, do you know others? Give clues, he has wool on his back ...

From 4 years old: to find in the landscape a list of objects

  • Give your child a small list of objects represented visually. They can be drawn schematically (a green cross for the pharmacy), cut from magazines or drawn on the web.
  • Select them according to the places that you cross: a horse, a crane, an old lady crossing, a bearded gentleman, an orange fire, a pharmacy, a church, a roundabout, a bulldog, a Stop sign ...
  • Your child should have checked all the elements before the end of the trip. Good road !

Agnes Barboux


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