7 moves to get off to a good start

Your calves tire and your ankles swell ... It's normal during pregnancy! Here are 7 small, easy-to-do exercises at home that will allow you to start from a light foot.

1. I raise my foot to promote blood return

  • Lying on the floor, a cushion under the head for comfort, put your legs on a coffee table or on the seat of your sofa. To get your feet a little above the level of your knees, slide a small cushion under your calves.
  • As soon as possible during the day, try to find this position and keep it for a few minutes while breathing calmly. In addition to its relaxing qualities, it also promotes return circulation. The elevated position of the legs allows the blood to "go up" more easily to the heart.

2. I play ball with my foot to massage my reflex points

  • Sitting on a chair or standing, barefoot, put one foot on a foam ball or a tennis ball (firmer). Gently roll the ball over the entire arch. Start from the heel and move the ball "back and forth" in the extension of each toe.
  • Then, with the forefoot, grab the ball as if to wrap your toes around. Focus on sensitive areas and change feet.
  • According to Chinese medicine, all the organs of the body project under the sole of the foot at reflex points. Massage these points is therefore to stimulate and relax the organs in question

3. I offer myself a step of two to stimulate my circulation

  • Standing, straight back, walk "attacking" each step by the heel, the tip of the foot well raised, then unrolling the ankle to be on tiptoe.
  • This heel / tip movement, natural to walking, has a stimulating effect on the circulation. Do not hesitate to exaggerate it to make it more effective.
  • You can alternate this exercise with a few steps on tiptoe.

4. I take the stairs to relax my calf

  • With your right foot resting in the center of a step, place the left forefoot on the edge of the same step (your heel is empty). By bending the right leg, try to lower the left heel as far as possible to the lower step. You must feel the back of the left leg stretch. Release and change your leg.
  • This exercise relaxes the calf muscle and prevents recurrent cramps. You can also use the edge of a sidewalk, if you are in the street.

5. I put my toes in a fan to relax them

  • Sitting on a chair, right foot on the left knee, try to cross the fingers of the left hand with the toes of the right foot (with the fingertips if it is too difficult). Gently pull your toes in the axis then forward and backward.
  • Uncross your fingers and change feet.
  • For "enraidis" feet, do not be too demanding: you will quickly see that your fingers can only be crossed with the tips of your toes.

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