Long childbirth, can we predict?

"Mom of a 3-month-old boy, it took me thirty hours to give birth, it felt like an eternity, and I was extremely tired when my baby was finally born." Why was my childbirth too Long? Could it be foreseen? "Hélène Malmanche, midwife, answers Lucile's question.

The answer of Hélène Malmanche, midwife

  • The uterus is an involuntary contraction muscle that responds to complex stimulation, mainly under hormonal control. If the mechanism of work remains still, in part, mysterious, however, we see that there is a phase called "pre-work" during which the uterus is slowly changing. It can sometimes last a very long time, with a variable intensity in the pain sensation caused by the contractions.
  • Work is considered to start only when the cervix dilates regularly, usually from 3 cm, and has almost lost its length. In your case, the "blocking" phase at 2 cm would correspond to pre-work, a sort of general dress rehearsal for the body before putting it to work. Some women live this pre-work and some do not. It also remains a mystery and we have no scientific explanation to provide. It is therefore impossible to predict whether this phase will take place or not and how long it will last.

The mothers' point of view

  • "After many contractions and bleeding, I went to the maternity ward, but the cervix was only 1 cm, I was sent home, and in the evening I went back to the hospital, but It was not until the next afternoon that my baby girl was born, but I forgot about that long work once my baby arrived. " Berengere
  • "As I had lost the waters, I preferred to go to the maternity ward, but the cervix was only open to 2 fingers, after very painful contractions, the cervix was only 2 and a half. 'a caesarean was mentioned but I gave birth vaginely after 36 hours.Luckily there is a magnificent reward at the end! Clementine

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