Cesarean delivery: the medical reasons

Caesarean section is a surgical procedure performed when vaginal delivery is not possible or may endanger the health of the child and / or the mother-to-be. It can be either scheduled in advance during pregnancy or decided urgently during delivery.

Cesarean section, what is it?

  • It is a surgical procedure that involves removing the baby through a transverse incision at the pubic level. Perfectly controlled, it is practiced under loco-regional anesthesia, which allows the mother to be perfectly aware and dad to be present.

The planned cesarean section

Some medical items may endanger the health of the mother and child and make vaginal delivery impossible. They can get the obstetrician to schedule a caesarean delivery in certain situations:

  • Intrauterine growth retardation (IUGR): the medical team may choose to have the child with IUGR well before the term to give him the best chance of improving his life and developing into an incubator, watched closely by the neonatal teams
  • macrosomia: when the baby is too big and there is a feto- pelvic disproportion, an incompatibility between its size compared to the mother's pelvis
  • multiple pregnancies: when there are multiple babies
  • presentation of the baby: some presentations in the seat, face or shoulder can lead to planning a caesarean
  • placenta previa: an inserted low placenta can block the passage and may trigger bleeding and fetal distress. For this reason, in 75% of cases, pregnancies with placenta previa result in cesarean deliveries.
  • the ovarian cyst or uterine fibroid: in some cases their presence may make delivery by natural means impossible
  • the cicatricial uterus: a history of cesarean section or gynecological surgery can weaken the uterine muscle and be contraindications
  • maternal diseases: hypertension, diabetes, heart disease may require the use of caesarean section. Similarly, cesarean delivery is necessary in the presence of viruses such as genital herpes or HIV in the mother, to avoid contamination of the child

The decision of this intervention must always be taken from the benefit-risk balance for the mother and the child. She must be discussed with the mother-to-be for the doctor to explain why Caesarean section is a necessity and that she has time for this idea.

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