Acne and pregnancy, which products?

"Pregnant 15 weeks, I have acne breakouts and it just gets worse.What products to use to make them disappear?" Our specialist, Dr. Clarence de Belilovsky, dermatologist, answers Charlotte's question.

The response of Dr. Clarence de Belilovsky, dermatologist

  • "Cosmetic products for acne-prone seborrhoeic skin can act on the inflammatory component (red) and the retentive component (blackheads) Masks and scrubs are also possible but be careful not to irritate the skin too much: this can worsen the appearance pigmented spots on the face in case of sun exposure.
  • Do not use your old acne creams without notice. Only your doctor can recommend effective treatments. This care prescribed in the context of a pregnancy will be generally less strong. The hormones of pregnancy will help to get your acne out, maybe for several months. But be aware that the zero-button lens may be hard to hold. "

The mothers' point of view

  • "My acne appeared almost at the beginning of my pregnancy and I consulted a dermatologist who advised me to apply a prescription-only solution that seems to be the only one that can be used by a pregnant woman. 'found that the pimples were significantly less painful but they did not completely disappear.' Audrey
  • "I had this problem of acne in each of my pregnancies.First, I had consulted a dermatologist who had prescribed various treatments but they were not very effective.For the other maternity, I did not I did not do anything and took my patience. "Fortunately, it disappears after birth! Frédérique 

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